Welcome to my page!

Now what is this:
guess everyone of the cool peoplez needs a homepage these days, right? So this is mine ;-)
It is more work that a MySpace or Facebook page, but then again, here I have full control over my personal data...
If you are a casual visitor, you'll probably be very disappointed, as there is not much to see without credentials to the protected areas.
Where, on the contrary, you'd be able to find everything one could search or look for on the internet... ;-)

Private Places (all with restricted access)
The Order of the Stick




Paderborn University
Paderborn University

student's association mathematics and computer science
Paderborn Student Association
of Mathmatics and Computer Science

The Matiker e.V.
The Matiker e.V.
(alumni society mathematics and
computer science in Padeborn,
in German only)

German computer science society
(in German only)

German mathematics society
(in German only)

Let me google that for you!

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